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Client Testimonials

Trustworthy and professional.

Zoe - Landover, MD

So much was done so quickly tears came to my eyes.

Anita - Columbia, MD

I had my doubts about hiring a professional organizer, but when my office was completed I found myself wanting to get more work done! Now I'm a believer.

Ed - Upper Marlboro, MD

I could have never gotten this done on my own. Thank you so much.

Jay - Alexandria, VA

Excellent service, area was a complete mess, couldn't find anything I needed.  Now I can find any and everything within minutes! Didn't even realize I had so much extra space until they organized everything for me. Even put my things in alphabetical order with a cross reference list! GREAT!!!!!

Phil - Upper Marlboro, MD

Great work and very professional. 

Jill - Woodbridge, VA

I needed help packing for move. Bernita got me moving and 100 boxes were shipped. She organized me and my stuff. A pleasure to work with and I recommended her to all my friends.

Pam - Washington, DC

Very professional..showed up on time did a great job organizing my apartment.

Jacqueline - Arlington, VA

Bernita is very calm and easy going, but keeps working all through her visit. She is a thinker and figures out a system for all my messy places. The end result is amazing. I thought I might be able to get in order in three months what she ordered in three hours! The best part is that the area she worked on last week is still beautiful which means that she thought through what had to go, what had to stay, what was needed VS what was just stuff. I am delighted!

Linda - Silver Spring, MD

She is wonderful to work with and exactly what I needed to declutter and organize an entire house of years and years of clutter. She always arrives on time even sends a text that she is on the way. She's making a job I thought was impossible, manageable. My only regret is that I didn't know about her sooner.

Portia - Lanham, MD

Quality of Service: 5 stars.
Customer Service: 5 stars.
Value for Money:   5 stars.

Harold - Chevy Chase, MD