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  Let us do what we do best — so you can do what you do best, better!

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Conscientious. Professional. Practical.

We are a proud member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. We take pride in our business ethics. We take pride in our work. We take pride in our clients.

We believe the bottom line is to give you a functional environment, while showing you how, in the utmost professional way.

We know at the end of the day, a job done well is due to practical planning, practical execution, and practical follow-through.

Our Focus

We are focused on providing a professional organizing service that will exceed our clients' expectations. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to giving you relief from time zappers that sidetrack you from doing what you must do, and from doing what you would like to do.  


Bernita is an ex-U.S. Army service member, who has served abroad and stateside. Bernita's military training was rooted in the code of preparedness. Therefore, organizing was essential to being all that she could be. In her quest for adventure and knowledge, she always managed to keep her life and belongings in a manner that allowed her to be spontaneous and prepared for whatever opportunities came her way. Bernita's military training gave her the tools to succeed in the military, academics, business, and her personal life. She is no stranger to hard work and big-picture thinking. As a three year undergrad, Bernita completed a double major with B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems Management. She went on to earn an M.S. in Management Information Systems. Bernita has pulled long hours planning, developing and maintaining solutions to business problems on countless projects while still managing to keep a healthy and balanced home and personal life.